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Consumer Spotlight: Dennis "Woody"

Pictured: Dennis Woodhouse

Pictured: Dennis "Woody"

Dennis "Woody" is a quiet, hardworking guy who loves to make people smile. He works at Casey's in Freeport three days per week. He stocks the cooler, does indoor and outdoor maintenance, helps with dishes, and any other odds and ends duties that his supervisor would like him to do. Region 1 Director, Leah Dahlquist, says her favorite part of working with Woody is his sigh at the end of his shift, because he doesn't want to go home. He loves his job at Casey's and is appreciated by his co-workers and management. He has received positive feedback from customers regarding his customer service. He works his scheduled shifts and is always on time. Co-workers say he is a great help around the store and that they really enjoy working with him.

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