Vocational Profiling

This is the starting point in the supported employment journey.  It is an information gathering process where we get to know the jobseeker, their skills and abilities, likes and dislikes, work preferences and experience.  This information is gathered from a variety of sources such as parents/care givers, Social Workers, SCL (Supported Community Living) staff, teachers, and friends. 

Job Development

CHOICE's team of job finding staff include Employment Specialists who are continually on the lookout for job vacancies.  They meet with employers on a regular basis to discuss the services that CHOICE provides and to identify potential job opportunities for our job seekers.

Job Coaching

Individually tailored systematic training and support at the worksite is provided until the person is independent and competent in their work tasks.


Social Skills and Integration Support


CHOICE closely monitors the employment progress of our consumers. We maintain continual communication with the consumer, employer, and also the consumer's support team.  


CHOICE provides a wide range of assessments to determine consumer employment readiness.

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