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  • Written by Ethan Dahlquist

What Is A Job Coach and What Makes A Good One?

Updated: Dec 26, 2019

Supported Employment is a field that requires passionate, patient, and understanding

individuals to help people with disabilities achieve success in community employment.

Success comes in many forms within this field of work and rarely happens the same way


Each consumer has different needs, wants, and hopes in regard to community employment,

and it takes a combined effort from multiple fronts to address these things.

A large part of supported employment and the role of a job coach is to facilitate social

inclusion and natural supports within the workplace. Both hold a significant role in the

success of the consumer (the term “consumer” is used to describe persons receiving

supported employment services), but at the same time, training the consumer in their new

job duties is also a vital aspect which cannot be ignored.

There are many important aspects to being a job coach that are often overlooked. For

starters,a job coach must recognize that they are a liaison for the consumer. It is important to

recognize this, as communication and cooperation are crucial to facilitating a close working

relationship between the consumer and their employer, co-workers, and the community.

Interested in joining the CHOICE Employment Services team and making a difference in the

lives of others? CONTACT US to learn more today!

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